Improper window installations

are usually the culprit when it comes to the warranty and service claims. Over 90% of claims are installation related. Quality professional installation is often left as an afterthought by many homeowners looking to hire a window company in CT.


While the quality of replacement window is extremely important, the integrity and the level of skill of the window professionals are equally if not even more crucial.

Choosing company

So when asked how to choose the right window company for your project in CT, we simply answer: choose high quality window product and professional company with a proven track of success. Window company CT


For most people, window purchase is their first. Usually the biggest reason for most homeowners to undertake a window replacement project is to make their homes more energy efficient and lower their energy bills.


Any reputable window company located in CT should be able to tailor the offering to your specific needs and the architectural character of your home.

Learning Center

“You get what you pay for”. This old adage is true about windows as much as it is about any other product.

Window Professional

It has been said many times throughout this site that the good window product is only as good as its installation.

Professional instalation

and quality replacment is most important. Find perfect balance between high quality of windows, integrity of the company of your choice and reasonable price for you.

Choosing styles

Professional window company will help you make an optimal decision about window styles and configurations.


The quality of glass is crucial to its energy efficiency and overall window performance.

Highly energy efficient

Glass thickness, Warm-Edge Spacer, Gas fill, read a NFRC label.

Beware of the low-price sweet deals.

Lower quality windows are usually made using lower quality materials that may fail in a fairly short period of time.


We recommend that you choose Window Company with the strongest warranties in the market.